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July 9, 2023

CMA Logo Healer 2023 July 9

Passage: Ias 53:4-6, Matt 8:16-17, Acts 3:8, 1 Cor 12
Service Type:

Flavour: Jesus our Healer
What are we called to do. Are we still serving in His anointing.
We need to depend on God as we listen to Him and to lean not on our own understanding but on Him.
Within the broad family of Christians, we have a distinct flavour. We looked at salvation in the Cross, set apart by the cleansing bowl (the Laver), empowered for service by the Holy Spirit. Today we are looking at Healing symbolised by the jug of oil for the oil of anointing.
The jug of anointing oil:
God reveals Himself as Healer. (Jehovah Raffa, healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually)
Healing is provided at the Cross. Isa 53:3-6. Jesus has done a complete work on the Cross. Matt 8:16-17 We are commissioned to do this. Peter repeated this in 1 Peter 2:24
Healing was practiced by the early Church Acts 3:8 ( Healing of the lame man. This miracle led to many people being saved. Acts 9:33-34. James 5:13-16. The book of Acts was written by a doctor (beloved physician, a practical work of medicine). Medicine and general health stuff has its place. Our default setting is to grab a tablet or doctor Google. We need to be wise and default to Jesus.
We need to practice healing as the Bible teaches. There is no such thing as a “healer” apart from Jesus. There are gifts of healings. There are people who try to use healing to gain notoriety. There is the false and there are “Job’s comforters” but there is also the real. 1Cor 12: 4-> John gave a testimony about multi-focal hepatoma healing and subsequent healing of hepatitis.
God tells us, “I Am the God Who heals you” (in whatever way that turns out to be)
We then took communion and had a time of prayer for healing.