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What can I expect at Pinjarra Alliance Church?

Coming to a new group of people, especially in a church, can be a scary thing if that’s what you’re not used to. So read below, and be encouraged that we exist to make you feel welcome, and delight in making your visit a pleasant one.

  • We acknowledge that finding a new church can be a difficult thing to figure out, so please come just as you are, we’ve all been there.
  • Dress is not an issue. We have no dress code – whatever makes you comfortable is great with us.
  • No one has special seats, so sit wherever you would like to.
  • We go out of our way to speak to you and make you feel at ease.
  • Your children may be catered for through the Kings Kids Program. Our Kids Team leaders are all cleared to work with children, and provide a fun, relevant program.
  • The messages are designed to be relevant and hope filled.
  • Offering is collected during the service, but guests are encouraged to enjoy the visit and not feel obligated to give.
  • The service goes from 10am to about 11:30 – this allows time for the different aspects of the worship service (songs, prayer, announcements, message etc). After the formal part of the service, we just hang out together over a cuppa and morning tea. Feel free to leave whenever you are ready.

Pinjarra Alliance has many age groups and we are all on the journey of growing in God and encouraging each other, we haven’t arrived, we are under construction.

We would love to see you this Sunday at 10am, for more information, please contact us.