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July 26, 2023

2023 July 23 Flavour sixth message. Coming King part 2 “So What?”

Passage: 2Peter 3, Rev 22:14
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2023 July 23 Flavour sixth message. Coming King part 2 “So What?”
John gave a quick summary of the first five “Flavour” messages
2 Peter chapter 3. Knowing that Jesus is coming back then we should be living accordingly. It is not about particular pre-event signs or their order (There is plenty of speculation about end-times on-line but we need to keep His Return as the main focus).
We are expectant. Rev 22:14 knowing Jesus, we expect to enter His rest.
When the gospel is preached to all the Nations, then the end shall come. We need to be ready.
We need to have a heart for the lost. Why are we still here? God chose us to share the gospel. We don’t need to be aggressive bible bashers!
We need to live a godly lifestyle (Be Holy). Persevere, good doctrine and prayerfulness
Let’s be part of bringing back the King.
Is there an area of our lives that God want to change? He has made every provision in Jesus to deal with the past and to prepare us for now and forever. If there is an area in our lives that does not reflect His character then praise God for conviction of His Spirit.
Persevere. He who stands firm to the end will be saved. We need to be patient and endure because Jesus is returning and we don’t want to be ashamed when He returns.
We need good doctrine. Jesus teaches about the end times. He said, “Be careful of false teachers”. Our ears can be tickled by feel good teachers and prosperity doctrines that teach us what we want to hear!
2Tim Ch 4. In view of his appearing…. Prayerful. Be clear minded and pray because His coming is at hand.