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November 28, 2021

2021 Nov 28 Sharing service Joanne, Jeff, Jannah and Debbie. Pushed over the line by God.

Passage: Acts 4:7-12
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Joanne: Depression is not just being sad. It cannot be rightly understood unless you have gone through it. Lots of different causes. ( I need to be careful about what I speak over myself as I share). There are physical, mental, spiritual causes. Chemical imbalances, loss of love for music, total fog, dark moments. You cannot feel love or receive it and it is difficult to ask for help. It feels like complete separation from God (even though it is not true), you feel like up you are alone. Fear of being squeezed, panic attacks. It is a really painful experience which is difficult to describe. We need to understand that we don’t understand. God feels our pain. We are not separate from him. He is also heartbroken with us. The whole of creation is groaning awaiting redemption. This pain is not for ever.

Jeff: This message was presented as a light hearted skit with a visual aid (the audio misses this). When we began our Christian walk we had reminders of there is only One Way (Jesus). Our lives sometimes go in the wrong direction. There is a broad way that leads to destruction and a narrow way that leads to life. When we tell people that they are headed in the wrong direction, they can make small adjustments but may still headed in another wrong way (sideways) and we all may need ongoing course corrections at some point.

Jannah: (I was not going to share today). I had pre and post-natal depression and married to an alcoholic and needed close supervision after Javin was born. I couldn’t say ” God, I trust you”. All I could say “God help”. We need to immerse ourselves in God’s truth so that in the dark times we can hold onto Him.

John: Jannah lived with us while in a deep hole and we were all hurting. As parents we hurt when our kids hurt. God knows our deep pain” we can comfort others with the comfort with we are comforted.

Debbie: Really encouraged by sharing this morning. I had a breakdown, and everything was going wrong. I was surrounded by a beautiful family. God has taken me through a deep dark place, and I am coming out the other side. I must be out of the house by Christmas. God will not leave nor forsake me or my family. I started to lose my peace and I need to pay attention to that. Renewing of our mind is important.

Video:(not included in this audio) Quadrennial happened in Equador for Alliance Word Fellowship. John Stumbo. In France there are hundreds of thousands of registered mediums but only a few thousand registered Christian workers. Many non-believers are able to hear the gospel in semi or closed countries through COVID relief programs (eg in India). Missions is the heart of God.

John B: Long time ago. I had a job in Dwellingup and the forecast was rain. It was pouring with rain, and I had forgotten the raincoat. It did not rain during the job and rained all the way home. We have good intentions, but we sometimes mess it up.

Phil: Quote from Lyrics of “I have never been unloved”