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March 24, 2019

Walking on water: Importance of prayer

Passage: Mark 6:45-52
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Originally the disciples were supposed to have some down time but ended up feeding the 5000 and end up in the middle of the lake, dead tired, about 3am. They see an apparition walking on the water and they were all terrified. Life without Jesus is pretty dangerous (stay close) Jesus has authority over Nature, natural laws and power over sin and death. He told the disciples on the lake, “Take courage I AM” (it loses something in the English when it is translated “It is I”). An overlooked necessity is in vs 46 “Jesus went up the mountain to pray”. This verse is sandwiched between two exciting miracles. Luke, the details man, said that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. If Jesus needed to pray then how much more do we need to pray. Jesus didn’t do ministry without asking His Father. Dare we…. Our society shapes us to value things that can be seen and measured and to see non-visible things as not valuable. We say that we are not influenced by that but we are. Prayer is to faith like air is to the body. Ephesians 6. “Just do it”. Pray with someone else regularly. Share requests and answers to prayer as it encourages us to pray. Attend a corporate prayer time Write prayers in a journal Use a method:- Lord’s Prayer, ACTS, 5Ps etc Pray from the heart. Samuel Chadwick said that the Devil fears nothing but prayer. He does not fear prayer-less work, religion, study or toil.