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April 19, 2019

Outcome of Good Friday

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Jesus manifested divinity in the disciples’ presence. He was supposed to be the Messiah. The Cross was not on their agenda. Mark fled into the night naked. However, if Jesus had not died on the Cross then there would be no possibility for our forgiveness. God had planned to deal with sin before the foundation of the world. Full and perfect sacrifice for all sin Practical hints for doing confession properly. As humans we have trouble forgetting about sin. We need to deal with the stuff, dealing with realities. Have a good look at the stuff. What have we allowed into our life? A good prayer might be, “O God show me what is really going on in my life”. When we do a stocktake, then we need to deal with it. Some stuff has been done to us, like past harms. It can make us feel put down, then angry. Forgiveness means “Letting go”. Let Jesus deal with the verbal, sexual or physical abuse done to us. Forgiveness is not excusing the issue but it releases us from ongoing harm from past harms. There is a solution to this stuff. The first question we need to ask is “What do I need to confess”? And the second one is “Who do I need to forgive”? Don’t generalise. The Holy Spirit is specific. Don’t excuse the sin. “Yes I did it ..but..” No buts! Be thorough! When we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us because Jesus paid the penalty on the Cross. We are justly forgiven and released from guilt and shame because God has chosen to forgive us and He remembers our sin no more. True forgiveness does not remove the event but it erases the guilt and shame and pain caused by the event.