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April 14, 2019

Palm Sunday: Jesus is the Boss

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Jodie, Jayvin and Gracie presented a call to surrender to Jesus is LORD. There are only two masters: God. Surrender to Him leads to life Not-God Surrender to sin leads to death and the pension is death Throw off everything that hinders us ….daily. Sometimes sin is difficult to remove like a python wrapped around us. Our presenters shared a lesson from Eustace in the Dawn Treader where the outward manifestation of the greed with was that Eustace became a dragon. Getting rid of the dragon skin was painful for Eustace like it sometimes is when we have to let the Lord cleanse us from our sin (but the outcome is worth it). We were then challenged to ask the Lord what it is that Jesus wants us to lay aside or to take up as we listened to the final song. We were then challenged to write it down and commit ourselves to acting on what the Lord has revealed