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How can I learn more about God?

Guess what? Knowing about God and His Son Jesus is not boring, AND won’t send you to sleep either!

In fact knowing God in a personal way is the most exciting thing in the world

To know about God we need to understand that . . .

God created us all

This world of ours was created by God.

We were also created by God. God, not mere chance, is our originator. He therefore has authority over us. He is our Master. See Genesis 1:26,27

Humanity is separated from its creator

God is a person and we can know Him in a personal way. However, we don’t automatically have a relationship with God. The Bible tells us that although we were created by God, we have rebelled against Him and our relationship is broken. All mankind finds themself in this predicament of being alienated from God. Far from being friends with God humanity is described as being at war with God, having gone its own way. See Romans 3:9-19;23

God loves humanity but He cannot ignore our disobedience.

We can’t save ourselves

Because of God’s moral perfection, and the fact that man falls short of God’s standard (Romans 3:23), we can’t restore our relationship with God. We owe Him too great a debt.

What is the solution to humanity’s dilemma?