(What we want to be)

"We are a Biblically functioning, relationally based church in the Peel region, reaching people locally, nationally and internationally with the authentic love of Jesus. We welcome and value people of all ages and cultures and have a special focus on compassionate service and resourcing and empowering families."

Pinjarra Alliance Church’s Values

1.       Christ Centred Living

We believe that each person is loved by God and invited into a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. As wholehearted followers of Christ we have relationship, power to live, wholeness and an eternal future.

2.       Grace Filled Lives

We believe the Spirit of Christ permeates our lives with loving-kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance of one another as we use our spiritual gifts to do God’s work.

3.       Prayer

We believe in the power and authority of God to change both people and circumstances as we communicate with Him through prayer.

4.       Authentic Community

We believe that from diverse backgrounds God is building us together as equal and precious parts of the worshipping community. We are growing together, sharing our good times and bad times as we assist one another in the journey of knowing God.

5.       Missions

We believe that lost people matter to God and we therefore endeavour to provide a safe environment for all who seek an understanding of God and His truth. We extend God’s love to all cultures and nations.

6.       Biblical Balance

We believe in a church that is both relevant and doctrinally sound, encouraging balance and integrity in all areas of life.

7.       People Relevant Ministry

We believe that our ministries should meet people at their point of need. We encourage ministries that are characterised by cultural relevance, creativity, excellence and compassion.

8.       Stewardship

We believe that true followers of Christ depend on God to be generous and responsible managers of time, money, energy and resources.

9.       Servant Leadership

We affirm leaders who demonstrate godly character, appropriate gifts and abilities, commitment to our church, and who are willing to develop in ministry teams.