• Tuesday toThursday evenings starting at 7.15pm at various Pinjarra, Murray River Country Estate and River Ramble homes and Boddington.

Perhaps as someone new to our church (or even this website), you know the awkward feeling of joining a new group of people and taking in the jumble of colours, shapes, names and information... it's all a bit daunting. And then theres the different groups you can fit into. Presented with too many choices can be un-nerving. The same can be true with our spirituality. With so many questions about God, you may not even be sure if a lifetime will grant you enough time to explore all of the answers. Where do I start? How should I fit in? What am I supposed to do?

Getting connected at Pinjarra Alliance Church will involve a willingness to participate not only in Sunday services, but also our weekly small groups that meet in various homes. It's easy to be a God shopper or church hopper. So, if you simply stay on the fringe and merely show up Sunday morning after Sunday morning to "get something out of it", your experience at Pinjarra Alliance may be a little limited. Getting connected with God and other people is possible through our Small Groups, but it will require a sacrifice of time, energy and resources as you involve yourself in these small groups - but the benefits and rewards will amaze you.

Contact the Church Office to find out more information about small groups.