• Prayer Room (GodWorx) - 24-7
  • Prayer Needs - refer to the contact page. All matters are strictly confidential.

We view prayer as an essential element of our church life and corporate responsibilty. We have established the God Worx, 24-7 Prayer room.
We believe that Prayer Works because of the God behind prayer, hence, God Works.
To access the Prayer room, contact the Church Office or join us at 6am Monday mornings for corporate prayer ( 7am in school holidays) or 9.30am on a Sunday Monring. It is place where you can focus on God, and bring before Him your prayer matters and allow Him to work through you.

    Prayer - We pray for people and community needs. Confidentiality will be strictly observed where requested.

    V.M.T.C. Prayer Ministry (Victorious Ministries Through Christ) - A confidential, deep and thorough ministry for Christians, especially leaders.

We provide Christian pastoral counselling and will refer to professional counselling services where appropriate. To make an appointment please contact the church office on 95313173.