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  • 19-04-2019 - Ian Cullen. Outcome of Good Friday.

    Jesus manifested divinity in the disciples’ presence. He was supposed to be the Messiah. The Cross was not on their agenda. Mark fled into the night naked. However, if Jesus had not died on the Cross then there would be no possibility for our forgiveness. God had planned to deal with sin before the foundation of the world. Full and perfect sacrifice for all sin

    Practical hints for doing confession properly. As humans we have trouble forgetting about sin. We need to deal with the stuff, dealing with realities. Have a good look at the stuff. What have we allowed into our life? A good prayer might be, “O God show me what is really going on in my life”.

    When we do a stocktake, then we need to deal with it. Some stuff has been done to us, like past harms. It can make us feel put down, then angry. Forgiveness means "Letting go". Let Jesus deal with the verbal, sexual or physical abuse done to us. Forgiveness is not excusing the issue but it releases us from ongoing harm from past harms.

    There is a solution to this stuff. The first question we need to ask is "What do I need to confess"? And the second one is "Who do I need to forgive"?

    Don't generalise. The Holy Spirit is specific. Don't excuse the sin. "Yes I did it ..but.." No buts! Be thorough! When we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us because Jesus paid the penalty on the Cross. We are justly forgiven and released from guilt and shame because God has chosen to forgive us and He remembers our sin no more. True forgiveness does not remove the event but it erases the guilt and shame and pain caused by the event.

  • 14-04-2019 - Jodie Woodward Palm Sunday: Jesus is the Boss

    Jodie, Jayvin and Gracie presented a call to surrender to Jesus is LORD.

    There are only two masters:

    God. Surrender to Him leads to life

    Not-God Surrender to sin leads to death and the pension is death

    Throw off everything that hinders us ….daily. Sometimes sin is difficult to remove like a python wrapped around us. Our presenters shared a lesson from Eustace in the Dawn Treader where the outward manifestation of the greed with was that Eustace became a dragon. Getting rid of the dragon skin was painful for Eustace like it sometimes is when we have to let the Lord cleanse us from our sin (but the outcome is worth it). We were then challenged to ask the Lord what it is that Jesus wants us to lay aside or to take up as we listened to the final song. We were then challenged to write it down and commit ourselves to acting on what the Lord has revealed

  • 31-03-2019 - John Coman. Digression out of Mark and unpack Discipleship a bit more. Acts 11:19-26.

    Followers of Jesus were first called Christians at Antioch

    Discipleship: (being a disciple of Jesus)

    Learning (starts as gathering facts, counting the cost. The Devil believes all the facts about Jesus but remains opposed to Him)

    Trust (absolute full and total commitment to Jesus as the only way to live. "Boots and all")

    Growth. Our lives should continue to grow in Grace. We do live in a fallen world and have "ups and downs" but an upward trend. To become more like Jesus with His lovely character shining through (fruit of the Spirit).

    Bear much Fruit. This is evidence that you are my disciples and glorifies Me.

    Who should we disciple? Deut 6 Impress these things on your children.

    Family (Model what it is to love Jesus)

    Church community (local and all other believers of all backgrounds. 2 Tim 2:2)

    Wider community (unbelievers)

    Out there and over there (Evangelism) Matt 28:19-20

    As we model life in Jesus, people will ask us for the reason for the hope that we have.

  • 24-03-2019 - John Coman: Mark 6:45-52 Walking on water : Importance of prayer

    Originally the disciples were supposed to have some down time but ended up feeding the 5000 and end up in the middle of the lake, dead tired, about 3am. They see an apparition walking on the water and they were all terrified. Life without Jesus is pretty dangerous (stay close)

    Jesus has authority over Nature, natural laws and power over sin and death. He told the disciples on the lake, "Take courage I AM" (it loses something in the English when it is translated "It is I").

    An overlooked necessity is in vs 46 "Jesus went up the mountain to pray". This verse is sandwiched between two exciting miracles. Luke, the details man, said that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. If Jesus needed to pray then how much more do we need to pray. Jesus didn't do ministry without asking His Father. Dare we....

    Our society shapes us to value things that can be seen and measured and to see non-visible things as not valuable. We say that we are not influenced by that but we are. Prayer is to faith like air is to the body. Ephesians 6. "Just do it".

        Pray with someone else regularly.

        Share requests and answers to prayer as it encourages us to pray.

        Attend a corporate prayer time

        Write prayers in a journal

        Use a method:- Lord's Prayer, ACTS, 5Ps etc

        Pray from the heart.

    Samuel Chadwick said that the Devil fears nothing but prayer. He does not fear prayer-less work, religion, study or toil.

  • 17-03-2019 - Paul Staer: “Pray for North Korea”

    Missions spot. North Korea starves because of drought while world leaders argue. Their food rations have been cut to 300g a day. Only the wealthy can afford extra food on the black market. Life is much worse in the labour camps where 50,000 Christians are interred. They have to be courageous in their faith because it happens to be the most dangerous place on Earth to be a Christian. Please pray for the persecuted Church in North Korea.

  • 17-03-2019 - John Laughlin: “Noah and an Uh Oh” Genesis 6

    God is Good. Story of Noah. Words like Noah, Ark, two by two are well known in the wider community but the story is taken by most to be just another myth. The historical event took place because it is mentioned throughout the OT and NT and by Jesus.

    Genesis 6. There are very sobering truths here. God destroyed the world because the people had corrupted themselves. As it was in the days of Noah so it shall be at the coming of Jesus. Jesus is coming to judge the living and the dead and the Earth will be destroyed by FIRE. God knows how to rescue godly men and women. We have more fear of being found out than having proper fear, awe and reverence for a HOLY GOD! There is awesome punishment coming for the ungodly. There is a hell to avoid. The Church has generally lost the fear of God and we are not as worried about the fate of the lost as we should be. We need to be re-awakened to the TRUTH that sin actually matters.

    John the Baptist preached a message of righteousness so that people could escape the judgement to come. Noah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter and Paul all lived out what they preached. But now a righteousness from God, apart from the law, has come that we may live in righteousness by faith. Ephesians 2:8. Gods gives His righteousness to us when we accept His GIFT of "Christ in you". Our views on righteousness and unrighteousness will be different from the community we live in and, when we are His, we will align ourselves with God's view.

    Our carnal nature wants what the world wants. Our carnal nature is at war with the Spirit of God within us. Our old nature cannot be gradually improved! Our old carnal nature has to die so that we may live by faith in Him. We are to be in the world but not of it, as pilgrims travelling to our true home

  • 10-03-2019 - John Coman: “Immediately” Mark 6:30-44

    The apostles drove our many demons, healed people and then they returned. They shared what had happened with Jesus.

    Feeding a crowd. The disciples had no place to rest and were invited to withdraw from busyness by themselves...but the crowd followed them. Taking the five loaves and two fish, Jesus enabled them to feed five thousand men and there were twelve baskets of fragments leftover. This is a true historical event. This was recorded in all four Gospels. We need to pay attention to events, especially when they are repeated in Scripture.

    The disciples fed the crowd by stepping out in faith, trusting Jesus, using what they had (and Jesus multiplied their provisions as they trusted Him). Jesus does amazing things when we respond by faith to Him. The apostles’ faith and the result of their trust is a pattern for us. This is a well-known story, but it is also a challenge to us when we look closely. There is no natural explanation for what happened.

    1.         Our perspectives are challenged. How to feed 5000 people with 5 loaves?

    2.         We are challenged by the obedience of the disciples. (We might look at the lack)

    3.         Submission. What is in our hand? What giftedness do we have?

    What is God calling me to submit to Him for His Glory...TODAY?...

    (unfortunately, there is no audio for this message)

  • 03-03-2019 - John Coman: Commission Mark 6:6-13

    Jesus sent them out two by two with authority over evil spirits and power to heal. They went out. Their equipment was the instructions. Often when we are called, we start planning. Planning is good but sometimes we need to just do what God asks us to do. We need to walk by faith in Jesus and not by our own strength. They had to do ministry instead of expecting Jesus to do everything.

    In Acts we read about the missionary journeys. They went out and proclaimed the need to repent. Not one of the top five good words in Australia. The opposite is proclaimed. "Don't let anyone tell you what to do" implying that not even God can tell you what to do or not to do.

    The key message is not that we care but that people need Jesus or they are lost. We care because Jesus cares. We don't want to just make people comfortable in this life while they are on their way to hell.

    Matt 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8 Commissioned, sent out with POWER. The command is not to "Go" but the command is to "make disciples". The going verb should be translated as "In your going" or "while you are going" make disciples! Our challenge is for every believer to grow through discipleship and then going on to disciple others.. Not just being consumers.

    Who am I discipling?

  • 24-02-2019 - Peter Rugendyke: Becoming a Christian

    Peter started with his conversion experience. There are many examples of conversion eg. Petrol to gas, Eagles to Dockers, Metric to Imperial. In general, conversion is an exchange of one measure for another. Many people may say that they are converted to Christianity. Luke 13:1-5. Everyone must repent (or turn or be converted from selfishness to Jesus)

       I need to be saved from a disaster. We were all dead in our trespasses and sin.

       There are no innocent human beings.

       What should amaze us is that anyone is spared another day to repent.

       I need to be reborn come alive spiritually

       I need a new kind of life

       I need a profound change of heart

     Acts 16:14. Peter describes the new heart

     My side of conversion. Do a U turn Ezekiel. I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that they turn and live. Being sorry for sin is not enough. There has to be a willingness to turn away from sin.

       Turn from sin towards Jesus in faith.

         Ask for forgiveness

         Believe in Jesus' finished work

         Confess that Jesus is Lord

    God's side of conversion. He draws us and gives us opportunity to respond. He gives us gifts of faith if we are willing to receive them. The Holy Spirit is the mid-wife of the new birth.

  • 03-02-2019 - John Coman “Encounters by the sea”. Mark 5:1-20 Legions of demons

    The disciples witness a terrifying spiritual power encounter between Jesus and a legion of demons. A madman falls down at the feet of Jesus. The demons recognised who Jesus was and pleaded with Him not to torment them but to give them permission to enter the pigs. Clear theology does not save us. Even demons believe in Jesus. Head knowledge does not save us. Humble obedience and submission to the only One Who can save, Jesus Christ the Lord, is the only way to be saved.

    We fear what we can't control. Jesus continually challenges and shakes our world view. The villagers begged Jesus to go away even though they had seen the healing of the madman. We get thoroughly shaken when we witness supernatural events. Jesus changes lives. It is not the healthy who need a doctor. Jesus came for sinners like us.

    Are we allowing Jesus to change us or are we allowing the world to influence us so that we have one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom? We are called to make disciples and we cannot do this until we are a disciple of Jesus ourselves. Then we need to share with our family what God has done for us. May God use us in this region for His Glory!

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