Pinjarra Alliance's Story:  The C&MA was founded in 1887 by Dr Albert B. Simpson, a Canadian with a burning desire to reach the lost in every part of the world. His biography may be found in Wingspread, by A. W. Tozer. Also more history of the Alliance can be found on-line at:

Pinjarra Alliance Church began when Rev Bob Henry, our first National Director, met the Mullins family at a Keswick Convention in 1973.  The Sherlocks and the Mullins families responded to the Alliance vision and began travelling some 80K to Perth each Sunday for worship. Pastor Noel Blyth began weekly afternoon worship meetings in the Pinjarra CWA hall in July 1975. 

Pinjarra became an 'unorganised' Church in March 76 and Rev Ken and Leonie Iskov accepted a call to pastor this work in July '76. A very small group of families stepped out in faith to purchase two blocks of land and two buildings in Feb 78, the year that the church became known as 'Pinjarra Alliance Church'.  The story of how God secured this property is truly amazing. And in the Year 2000 the church began a new building program, looking to expand the current facilities and build a new meeting centre. 

Worship services were held in a number of venues. The local High School drama room was used from '81-'92, much of this time under the ministry of Roger and Helen Lang. Out last pastor served from Feb '86 and retired in December 2012, before the Reverend John Coman and his wife Maria, in August 2014, were welcomed into the pastorate.

Pinjarra Alliance has been characterised by a deep love for one another and sacrificial giving. Many official workers have been sent out from Pinjarra, most recently Carolyn Hawkes and Peter Thomas  You are always welcome at our services.

For more information, contact the church on 08 9531 3173 or our pastor on Mob: 0402033285, or send us an e-mail requesting information. If you would like to discuss any thing about the church or what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, call the church office or email us